Thank You for Helping Us Meet the Challenge!

Eight extremely generous New Mexicans who believe strongly in Think New Mexico’s work put together a pool of challenge grants totaling $95,000 that we needed to match by October 22.

By the time the two-week fundraising campaign wrapped up, not only did your contributions meet the challenge, they totaled $111,983! Including both the challenge grants and your matching contributions, during the past two weeks you helped us raise $206,983, which is more than one-third of Think New Mexico’s annual budget.

Since Think New Mexico was founded in 1999, we have always worked hard to keep our fundraising expenses to an absolute minimum. That’s why we have never employed a professional fundraiser. This strategy has succeeded thanks to all of you who give so generously every year and make it possible for Think New Mexico’s small staff to focus on our policy research and advocacy work.

Your support is a strong vote of confidence in Think New Mexico’s efforts to maximize dollars to New Mexico’s classrooms, prevent the reimposition of the food tax, protect lottery scholarships, make health care prices more transparent and affordable, and reform how the state funds essential public infrastructure. Thank you for your support!

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