Find Out Where Your Candidates Stand on Think New Mexico’s Policy Reforms!

On November 8, every seat in the New Mexico State House of Representatives is up for election, as is the governorship.

As you make your decision about who you are going to support, we encourage you to find out where your candidates stand on Think New Mexico’s policy initiatives. Here’s how to do it:

1) Find out which New Mexico State House district you live in by entering your address on the New Mexico legislature’s website. (Note that due to the recent redistricting, your House district may have changed.)

2) Look up email addresses for the candidates running in your state House district and the gubernatorial candidates on our handy chart.

3) Send your candidate (and the candidates for governor!) a quick email asking where they stand on an issue or two that you are passionate about.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask:

  • Would you oppose any legislation that would reimpose the food tax?
  • Would you support making financial literacy a high school graduation requirement?
  • Would you support legislation that would maximize the amount of New Mexico’s education budget that is spent in the classroom, rather than on school district central administration?
  • Would you support legislation to reform infrastructure funding in New Mexico by creating a merit-based process to prioritize and fully fund the most urgently needed projects across the state?

If you get a response to your questions to candidates, please let us know!

This information is extremely helpful to us as we work to build coalitions in support of Think New Mexico’s policy reforms – and candidates are more likely to support these reforms if their voters are asking about them. Many thanks for your help!

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