Monthly Amigos

Monthly Amigos make automatic monthly donations to Think New Mexico from their banks or credit cards. The Amigos listed below have signed up to make contributions ranging from $5 to $300 a month. Their recurring gifts provide Think New Mexico with a steady, predictable income throughout the year. Our Amigos never have to remember to mail us a check!

If you would like to become a Monthly Amigo, simply click here, enter the amount you would like to donate each month, and check the box saying “Make this a monthly donation.” Your donation will be processed through PayPal, and you can change the amount of your donation or cancel it at any time.

Many thanks to our wonderful Monthly Amigos!

Jan & Rick Adesso
Kristina Anderson
Leslie & Rutgers Barclay
Don & Judith Bennett
Sonya Berg
F. T. Cloak, Jr.
Mark Corey
The Honorable Richard J. Daly
Dolores DeMers
Nancy Desiderio & Michael Sloane
Jane Engel
Kristina Flanagan
Nancy Futran
Donna Gomien
Charles & Jill Goodmacher
Michael & Dixie Jackson
Dr. Diane R. Karp
Sol Lederman
Cliff Loucks
Elizabeth Moya
Elleen Mulvihill
Charles C. Newman & Tom Appelquist
James & Coreen Plewa
Wayne Savage
The Honorable Amelia Ellen Shippy
Stephanie Sydoriak
The Honorable
Dr. Alfredo Vigil
Lori Webster
Rachel Winston

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