Education Reform

In 2021, Think New Mexico created a new Education Reform Director position. We believe that the education status quo is unacceptable, and nothing is more critical to the success of our state than improving the quality of our public schools. New Mexico spends more than $3 billion annually on our public schools, not including supplemental federal funds. Yet, according to 2019 data, 80% of New Mexico’s public school students failed to achieve proficiency in math, 66% of students failed to achieve proficiency in reading, and 65% failed to achieve proficiency in science. Just 3% of English language learners are successfully learning to read in New Mexico’s schools.

Abenicio Baldonado, Think New Mexico’s Education Reform Director focuses full-time on developing and advocating for data-driven state and local education policies that are in the best interests of New Mexico’s public school students. He also works to ensure that the voices of New Mexico’s students and their families are heard in the policymaking process. Read Abenicio’s bio on our staff page.

Contact Abenicio at abenicio [at] thinknewmexico [dot] org


Current Education Reform Initiatives