Financial Literacy and Civics Should be Graduation Requirements!

The Public Education Department recently unveiled a proposed redesign of New Mexico’s high school curriculum. That plan rejects the ideas of including personal finance and civics as high school graduation requirements and proposes to shift required courses in government, economics and New Mexico history to optional electives. We oppose this proposal because the research shows that relevant courses like civics and financial literacy keep students engaged and on track to graduate, and also that students will rise to meet higher expectations – it does them a disservice to water down graduation requirements.

Read our Education Reform Director’s guest editorial about this proposal and join us in urging your legislators and the governor to keep New Mexico’s graduation requirements rigorous and relevant for students!

One Comment On “Financial Literacy and Civics Should be Graduation Requirements!”

  1. The responsibility of our state officials and our education system is to provide our students with high quality education. Changing high school graduation requirements is a disservice to our students, our community and our nation!


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