Think New Mexico Launches New Initiative to Achieve Retirement Security for All New Mexicans!

Think New Mexico has launched a new initiative to achieve retirement security for all New Mexicans by repealing the state’s income tax on Social Security benefits; ensuring that every private sector worker in the state has access to a retirement savings account that they can contribute to through automatic payroll deductions; and stabilizing New Mexico’s public pensions by consolidating their investment management, increasing the qualifications of pension board members, and using some of the current budget surplus to make a one-time, $700 million cash infusion or loan to the Public Employees Retirement Association pension fund. Learn more about our recommended reforms and contact your legislators and the governor!

2 Comments On “Think New Mexico Launches New Initiative to Achieve Retirement Security for All New Mexicans!”

  1. This is great news. Moved from California and was surprised that SSI is taxed. My sister gets SSI and I live on my pension. It would be great to include pension income in that tax reduction.


  2. I have lived my entire adult life in NM. Just retired this past Feb. and living on SS, plus a small annuity. Worked till I turned 66yrs in the constr. industry to receive 100% of what I was entitled to. Actually “scared” and wonder about the future. Of course not getting any younger. Speaking for all the NM retirees, please repeal or significantly reduce NM’s idea of taxing OUR SOCIAL SECURITY! for current and future retirees of New Mexico, AND remember this is suppose to be THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT, make it feel that way. PS, covid 19 is not helping! May god bless us ALL!


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